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From the Director

No one teaches us how to dream, we just do. But for young people living in remote rural areas, especially those with disabilities, who have no access to education, the dreams will not carry them far. 

For the Cambodian children and young people with disabilities who become part of the LaValla Project, their dreams do become a reality. The dream to be accepted, to be treated with dignity, to have fun and enjoy life, to have an education, to be able to walk, to have skills for employment and more - all these dreams are realized by our students. 

At LaValla primary school students have not only receive a comprehensive education program, but also access to health services they would never have at home and the opportunity to live in an environment in which they can develop their many talents and social skills. An environment where all are equal, where abilities are more important than disabilities, where for the first time in their lives they are not defined by their disabilities.

After LaValla most students move on to Secondary school, either from their homes or, if that is not possible, from LaValla Village. These Village students study at the local Government High School. This Inclusive Education program gives the students the opportunity to become part of the wider society but with the ongoing support of their friends and LaValla Staff and the Health and Rehabilitation services at LaValla.

The Inclusive Education programme has been greatly enhanced by the new facilities at LaValla Village, officially opened in November 2019.

The staff - teachers, carers, program coordinators, support staff, health care staff, cooks, drivers, grounds and maintenance staff – all contribute to the success of the LaValla project. Their commitment to the welfare of the students is extraordinary. They are wonderful role models. Without them there would be no LaValla Project. On behalf of the students, the Board, and the Marist Brothers, I thank them all sincerely.

Since our students come from the poorest families in the country, a project like ours depends totally on the generosity of others – funding agencies and individuals. I sincerely thank all of them for their generosity and belief in the young people whose lives benefit so much from their support. I also acknowledge the support and encouragement from our local, Provincial and National Government agencies. Thank you.

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