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Health and Rehabilitation

Given their family background of rural poverty, many students who come to LaValla have had very little access to health, medical or rehabilitation services. For many, their disability means that they may have limited mobility, speech, hearing, or visual impairments.


The LaValla Project, as well as providing education also provides all students with access to good medical and health services.


Currently there are three qualified physiotherapists employed full time to treat students who need this type of treatment to improve mobility. LaValla has a well-equipped health and rehabilitation centre as well as a swimming pool for hydrotherapy. 


Every week a Doctor is at LaValla health centre for one full day to treat students.


Students have access to dental, eye, hearing services and in partnership with Takeo hospital students can have corrective surgery to improve mobility if required. Surgery is usually done by a visiting group of Spanish Orthopedic surgeons.


Students are provided with assistive devices to improve mobility (wheelchairs, walking frames, crutches, prosthetics, and orthotics).

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